RG Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a classic two player game where one player is "X" and the other player is "O". The board is a 3x3 grid containing nine playable spaces. The players alternate turns placing their "X" or "O" in any open space on the board. Winning the game is achieved by having three of the players "X"s or "O"s in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. The two players alternate who is "X" and "O" each game and "X" always makes the first move.


The app is currently available on Android and IOS mobile devices. The game is also playable on this website in modern computer web browsers.

Other platforms are being considered.


  • Multiple themes to choose from.
  • Multi-Player play on the same device or network play with different devices.
  • Multi-Platform play on different device types with the app installed.
  • Single player difficulty from an easier to beat beginner to expert mode, which should never lose.
  • Portrait and landscape displays are supported.


11/04/2016 Initial Web beta release
12/02/2016 Version 1.0 Web release
12/02/2016 Version 1.0 Google Play Android release
12/06/2016 Version 1.0 Apple App Store IOS release
01/09/2017 Version 1.1 Release on Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Apple App Store and the web
03/17/2017 Version 1.2 Released

Version Change Log

1.1 Graphics quality has been improved on some devices
1.1 Ads logic has been improved for ad supported versions
1.1 General bug fixes
1.1 Minimum Android version supported is now 4.1
1.1 App is now available on the Amazon App store for many Amazon Fire devices

1.2 Refresh of the menu system
1.2 New theme addition
1.2 General bug fixes